Bob Davis

President / CEO


Born Robert Allan Davis, named after both his Grandfathers, Bob was raised in Clovis, California. Attending grammar school and High School in Clovis, Bob participated in baseball, basketball, football and wrestling, with baseball clearly his favorite. A sport he would later play well into his 40’s only stopped when his knee failed. The love of sports and children began his coaching career quite early after a severe automobile accident ended his football senior season. Years afterward found Bob coaching football, soccer and baseball.
Bob’s love of sports and the out doors was briefly interrupted when he joined the United States Marine Corps in 1968. By October of that year Viet Nam became his duty station. In the fall of 1969 Bob was released from active duty due to wounds received. Returning to college, Bob graduated from Fresno City College with a degree in Business Administration. Transferring to Fresno State Bob was recruited into the Ag Business Department by a high school buddy he played baseball and hunted with, the idea was to earn a degree in Agricultural Economics and then a teaching credential so he could coach with his buddy. As fate would have it, Bob graduated with his degree in Agricultural Economics, but never attained his teaching credentials due to the lack of Veteran funding for post grad classes.
This took Bob into the grain business when hired by E. D. Wilkinson Grain who had offices in Stockton, Fresno, Tulare and Bakersfield. It was here that Bob cut his eye teeth trading grain, grown by local growers and trading in the Futures Markets. Being offered a job trading commodities directly to California dairies interested Bob and he departed from Wilkinson Grain after 5 years. After a number of years with that company the owners split up. It was then that Bob began R. A. Davis Commodities in 1987. With backing and support from his family Bob charged head long into the unknown world of being self employed. The one promised Bob made was to operate with honesty and integrity, always.

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