Ron Cox

Outside Sales


Ron Cox was born and raised in Chowchilla, California where he went to high school and met his wife, of 47 years, Debbie. Ron went to college for 2 years prior to beginning a 32 year career with Safeway, where be began as a box boy and worked his way to become the Produce District Manager of 30 Safeway stores. Safeway eventually sold to Vons at which time Ron accepted early retirement. Food Services of America, a wholesale produce company, hired Ron as their sales manger. A position he held for some 8 years until they sold as well. Ron then accepted a sales position selling construction and farm equipment for Dick Merritt, a long time friend and fellow golfer from Belmont Country Club. During this time, Ron sold several loaders to dairies in the area and Kings River Commodities. This was Ron’s introduction to Davis Commodities and he eventually called Bob Davis for an interview. In 2002, Ron became part of the Davis Commodities Family. Over the past 8 years Ron has developed many friendships in the dairy community.
Ron and Debbie have been married 47 years with 2 children, Steven, 43 years old and Lynette, 39 years old. Ron is extremely proud of his family and can’t wait to tell you how much he loves his wife. Ron’s hobbies, well anyone who knows Ron will quickly submit that Ron has obsessions, not hobbies. His fiercely competitive spirit has assisted Ron in his sales career as well as making him one of the premier fast pitch softball players in the Valley with the Clovis Cowboy’s softball team, among others. Golf is Ron’s passion of choice these days. However, you still may find him playing in the over 60 baseball league in the summer months or a slow pitch softball league. Ron and Debbie have been members of Belmont Country Club for 27 years and still enjoy playing golf together. They also are members of Sunnyside Baptist Church. Ron said, “I feel extremely blessed that God has led me through the trials of life and is allowing me to finish my working career with R. A. Davis Commodities.”

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