RAD Logistics

Welcome to RA Davis Commodities

If you’re a knowledgeable owner/operator and have previous experience with bulk feed commodities and have a strong work ethic, we’d like to work with you. We prefer to have relationships with individuals – as such, we do not work with bulk freight brokers.

If this is you, please read our general guidelines below, download our packet and return it to us via email or fax.

Truck Onboarding Packet

Looking for our Online Dispatch Portal?

View your most up-to-date dispatch information and view your entire dispatch history by visiting:

RA Davis Dispatch Portal

New drivers can expect to receive their access to the portal included with their first dispatch. Trouble logging in? Please call dispatch with any further questions.

Our Rules of the Road

  1. PROOF OF DELIVERY: Freight Bills will NOT be paid without proof of delivery – drivers MUST obtain a signature from a dairy employee AND obtain a dairy weight tag if a scale is on-site.In the event you are unable to obtain either of the above forms of proof of delivery, you must call dispatch immediately for further instructions before you leave the dairy. Dispatch is available 24 hours/day. (559) 490-4500 ext. 17 M-F 8am to 6pm – (559) 647-7575 after business hours.

  2. RELEASE NUMBERS: Release numbers are attached to the majority of loads that we ship. We do this for a good reason and ask that you use only the number issued at the time of dispatch.If you encounter a problem with your release number you must call dispatch immediately. You MAY NOT change the number without speaking to dispatch. Doing so creates untold confusion and complicates our accouting and billing process.

  3. DO NOT PUT DAIRY NAMES ON WEIGHT TAGS: This makes the boss-man very upset. His face turns red and this can be a bad thing. We prefer the boss to be happy, so be creative – make up dairy names.

  4. QUALITY CONTROL: Please keep track of what is being loaded onto your trailers. IF you or your driver notice any unusual characteristics such as mildew, odor or discoloration please call dispatch. In a perfect world this can be assessed before you begin loading.

  5. FREIGHT BILLS: Please keep your billing neat and consistent. Make sure you extend out the total cost of teh haul separate from the cost of the fuel surcharge when applicable. Put the grand total of the bill at the bottom. If you want a check sent out on Friday, get your beautiful, finished paperwork into our office by Wednesday.Nobody pays as fast as we do. If your paperwork is perfect we can keep that up.

  6. SUB-HAULERS & BILLING: All sub-haulers need to make sure their frieght bills are sent to us once per week. If this is not possible, please fax your paperwork including freight bills, weight certificates and dairy tags to (559) 490-7500. Once the fax is sent you can mail your originals later. This helps us verify deliveries and bill our customers accordingly.

  7. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Occasionally, we will have notes for the delivery or pickup. On our dispatch, these instructions will be listed as “Driver Instructions”. It is imperative that these instructions are followed to the letter. For example, if loads are dumped in the wrong areas it is costly for us to have the product moved.If there are any questions what so ever, do not hesitate to call dispatch. Better to ask questions!

  8. STAND-BY TIME: If stand-by time applies, you must have an employee sign the weight cert acknowledging the total time you were asked to wait. The load origins that we work with will never pay stand-by time without a signature.

  9. INSURANCE: We cannot dispatch you unless we have up-to-date insurance, workers comp information and valid Motor Carrier Permit.

Insurance Requirements

General Liability

  1. $1,000,000 combined single limit General Liability per occurance;

  2. $1,000,000 combined single limit General Liability per occurance;

Auto Liability

$1,000,000 Automobile Liability to include coverage on:

  1. Scheduled Autos;

  2. Hired Autos;

  3. Non-owned Autos;

Workers Compensation & Employer Liability Insurance

  1. Employers Liability of $1,000,000 coverage (applicable only if you have employees)

  2. Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance is required;

Cargo Insurance

  1. $10,000 “all risk” cargo insurance;

Additional Insured & Certificate

  1. “R.A. Davis Commodities, LLC” must be named as Additional Insured on an Additional Insured Endoresement;

  2. “R.A. Davis Commodities, LLC” must be named as Additional Insured on the Certificate of Insurance;

Please Keep Your Records Up-to-Date

  • We cannot allow any trucks or sub-haulers to work for us without having current information on file.

  • Certificates and Endorsements shall be issued by an insurance carrier satisfactory to R.A. Davis Commodities, LLC & shall notify R.A. Davis Commodities, LLC within 10 business days upon modification or cancellation of policies.

  • All insurance documentation shall be provided prior to commencement of any work done for R.A. Davis Commodities, LLC.